Dove Hunting Corpus Christi, Mathis, & McMullen County

Offering yearly lease options for the 2017/2018 Texas Dove Season here in the Annaville area.

$350.00 per yearly membership for the entire season, includes 1 hunting guest.

  • The lease fee covers the special White Wing Season to include both splits of the entire regular Dove Season.

Lease 1: Yearly lease - 200 acres, planted in Milo and several large ponds. (40 Spots)

Lease 2: Yearly lease -250 acres, native grass and 1 large pond and Milo planted on all 4 sides on this lease.

Lease 3: 650 acres, all native food sources and several ponds. Day hunting only on weekends, located in McMullen County. Approx 90 miles north west of Corpus Christi. (Parties of 10 or more hunters ONLY)

  • $100.00 per day

  • Teal/Dove hunts on this property. ($275.00 per hunter)

Lease 4: 2000 acres, all native food sources and several ponds, located near Mathis, Texas. Day hunting only on weekends, located near Mathis, Texas. Approx 30 miles North of Corpus Christi. (Parties of 10 hunters or more ONLY)

  • $100.00 per Day

  • Teal/Dove Hunts $275.00 per hunter

2017/2018 Texas Dove Hunting Season

Special White Wing Season: Sept 2 & 3, - Sept 09 & 10, 2017

South Zone: September 22— Nov 08, 2017 and December 15, 2017 — January 21, 2018

Lease Duration Rates
1 Year $375/year

I am selling memberships to the annual dove lease which includes 1 hunting guest to join you on your hunts. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Each member will have to sign a Release of Liability, before they are allowed to hunt on the mentioned property.

Online Payment


When payment is made for the Dove Lease, please print out the forms below and email them to me.

Dove Lease Rules Dove Lease Release Form